North/South Charter Business Program

Unlike churn-and-burn charter programs, you have complete control over the amount of sailing time you enjoy.  Plus, our unique “North/South” program allows you to use your boat in New England in the summer and/or in the Caribbean or Florida in the winter.  You will appreciate year-round sailing opportunities and a healthy income, plus significant tax advantages.  Depending upon how aggressive the charter usage is you can pay down some of your boat’s cost or virtually pay for itself:


In the North:

Selected New England Charter Partner

Based in Narragansett Bay – sail the New England coast.  The Newport area of Rhode Island is certainly the Mecca of sailing on the east coast.  AYS will place your boat with our charter partner Narragansett Sailing Charters.  In addition to AYS’s massive boating database, social media and direct inquiries from our partner websites, we also generate referrals from our affiliates Black Rock Sailing School and SailTime which place their own customers on our boats.  These resources will result in day, multiple day and week long charters – primarily bareboat charters, private captained charters and sailing school charters, and with all yacht services, maintenance and cleaning included.  Owners have complete control of when their boat is available for charter, allowing the owner to customize usage and income to their needs.

In the South:

Selected VI Charter Partner

Based in Tortola – sail all the Virgin Islands. All of our charter partners are long established charter companies operating in the Virgin Islands and elsewhere in the Caribbean. Unlike the two mega charter companies our partners will build the charter schedule around your chosen use of the boat and you will use your own boat, not be assigned a “similar” boat. They will take care of all the day-to-day charter details providing bareboat and captained charters. The charter customers can sail within easy reach of the US, British and Spanish Virgin Islands. AYS will arrange re-location each season so the owner can use his/her own sailboat for vacation in the Virgin Islands in the winter and at home in the Northeast in the summer.

As always Advantage Yachts does not take a commission for placing your boat with our charter partners. Our interest is to make the boat more affordable for our customers and thereby sell more catamarans.

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