AB Inflatables RIBs

AB Inflatables is world renowned as the premier designer and manufacturer of inflatable boats for both the leisure and professional markets. AB Inflatables has a long established reputation for innovative design, superior construction, and outstanding customer satisfaction.

AB Ranks Highest Scores in Comparative Test Performed by Cruising World Magazine

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Fiberglass Hull RIBs

Double-molded, hand-laid fiberglass hulls in configurations from dinghy to speedy powerboat to family bowrider.

AB Inflatables Oceanus 13
Nautilus - Luxury Console Tenders
Nautilus is our fleet of luxury cruisers. Every detail has been considered on these craft. They have been outfitted with only the finest accessories and have been meticulously designed and handcrafted with superior materials. With models from 11 feet to 19 feet, these make great powerboats, lake boats, and bowriders.

Oceanus - console tenders
Oceanus is our line of console boats, designed for professionals and cruisers who depend on serious performance and comfort. Oceanus boats feature comfortable, upholstered seating, smartly designed consoles and abundant storage lockers that keep gear dry and safe. With models from 11 feet to 24 feet, this is a great go-anywhere, do-anything powerboat.

AB Inflatables Ventus 9
Navigo - open tenders / dinghies
Navigo, our line of open tenders, are the most spacious dinghies on the market, due to the boats' unique design characteristics. The boats have a raised bow and large-diameter tubes for a dry and comfortable ride. Whether you are a cruising sailor or keep your boat on a mooring, Navigo boats from 8 feet to 14 feet were made for you.

Ventus - lightweight tenders
Ventus, Latin for "air", is our line of lightweight tenders. Because of their low weight, Ventus boats achieve astonishing performance and speeds even with relatively small outboards. These boats, with models from 8 feet to 12 feet, make ideal tenders and dinghies or independent craft for carrying crew and provisions.


Aluminum Hull RIBs

High-quality, marine-grade aluminum makes a lightweight and solid boat, good as a go-fast powerboat or easily-towed dinghy.

AB Inflatables Alumina 15
Alumina - Console Tenders
AB Inflatables is the only manufacturer offering aluminum-hulled RIBs under 15' in the US. which resist abrasions from rocky shores, coral and sandy beaches. To provide maximum performance with minimum horsepower, the boats weigh nearly 25% less than all other fiberglass models. Models range from 11 feet to 15 feet.

Lammina - Aluminum Tenders / Dinghies
Lammina is the first line of marine-grade, aluminium tenders, rigid-bottom inflatables to reach the U.S. market. These boats are tough and lightweight. Models range from 8 feet to 14 feet.


Reasons for Choosing an AB Inflatable

  1. The lightweight of an AB Inflatable makes it easier to maneuver whle docking and underway.
  2. AB Inflatables are extremely fuel efficient and offer tremendous savings at the fuel dock over traditional hulled boats.
  3. Most models can be towed by nearly any four cylinder vehicle, saving you the fuel costs and expense associated with the large tow vehicles required by traditional boats.
  4. AB's large hypalon tubes and innovative forward hull design provide for a much drier and smoother ride than traditional boats.
  5. AB Inflatables offer more stability, loan capacity and comfort than much larger and heavier traditional boats.
  6. The built-in air chamber floor and large, sturdy tubes make AB Inflatables unsinkable and safer to operate.
  7. AB's sturdy tubes are less prone to damage than traditional fiberglass boats when making contact with docks or other boats.
  8. The design and lightweight of an AB Inflatable makes it easier to load and unload from your trailer.
  9. AB boats are more likely to fit in a standard garage, saving dock fees and maintenace.
  10. AB Inflatables achieve superior performance and speeds with far less horsepower than traditional boats.
  11. AB boats are designed to get on plane faster and are able to stay on plane at lower speeds making them ideal for towing skiers and tubes.

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